Mrie is now in a relationship with Ion and other 26 people. (Popa Satului and other 24 people like this)
Mrie is attending the event “Mulsul vacii” (Vaca lui Mrie and Ion like this)
[Mrie is not really attending the event “Mulsul vacii”. She is actually attending Vasile in the barn. Ion comes to see Mrie attending the “Mulsul vacii” event and finds out what is she actually attending]

Ion is now single.
Ion was invited to join group “Beivanii satului”
Ion and other 20 people are attending the event “Beie la crm”.. (Crmarul likes this)
Ion set his status to: “suprat sunt doamne, iari suprat”
Ion is now drunk and pissed on Mrie’s Wall

Mrie finished attending Vasile.
Mrie set her status to: “Foarte obosit. Sper s m pot trezi mine s merg la biseric”
Vasile commented to Mrie’s status “Eu nici nu cred c vin. Poate duminica viitoare”

Babele din sat are attending the event “Slujba de duminic” (Popa satului, Printele Iosif, Cantoru’ and Clopotaru’ like this)
Beivii satului missed the event “Slujba de duminic” because of it’s interference with the event “Beia de duminic” (The Devil 666 Satana likes this)
Popa satului and Popa Porno are now friends (The Devil 666 Satana and Clopotaru’ like this)

Mrie set her status to: “La spovedit…”
Ion commented on Mrie’s status: “Ce-i Mrie, te-o prins rusinea?”
Mrie also commented on her status: “Taci , Ioane c eti prost”
Popa satului also commented on Mrie’s status:” :) ) :) )” (Primarul satului likes this..)
Vaca lu’ Mrie set her status to “Muuuuuuuuuu…”
Mrie commented to Vaca lu’ Mrie status: “Ioi ce proast s, am uitat s te mulg. Dup spovedit vin i la tine. Pate pn atunci” (Vaca lu’ Mrie likes this.)

Primarul satului added “pag” and “corruption” to his activities (Popa satului likes this)
efu de Post set his status to: “La primrie, la o vorb cu primarul”
Primarul satului is now attending “Pucria”.(Bebi spunaru’ and all his friends like this)
Mrie set her status to “Watching ‘fermier caut mireas’, so fuck off”

Vaca lu’ Mrie exploded. (Ion likes this)
Mrie commented: “vaaaaiii…o murit vaca…am uitat s-o mulg…m omoar tata cnd se ntoarce de la crm”
Popa satului also commented: “super, nc o nmormntare pe sptmna asta” (Cantoru’ and Popa Porno likes this)
Popa satului added “Praying” and “Porn” to his activities (Popa porno and Printele Iosif like this)
Popa satului, Printele Iosif and Clopotaru’ are now in a relationship and it’s complicated. (The Devil 666 Satana likes this)

Popa satului set his status to “Zi de post, fiilor” (Babele satului like this; Beivii satului dislike this)
Tata lu Mrie posted on Mrie’s Wall: “Ce ai fcut cu vaca? Te omor”
Tata lu Mrie killed Mrie. (Ion and Popa Satului likes this. Vasile and other 25 people dislike this)
Tata lu Mrie is now attending “Pucria” along with Primarul Satului
Mrie is attending Hell (The Devil 666 Satana, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein and other 75 bilion dead people like this)
Vaca lu’ Mrie is attending Heaven (Saint Peter likes this)

sursa: de pe mail Facebook. A rural story.

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